Genealogy of Jesus Christ

Jesus family tree by Matthew & Luke: 1. Why was it included 2. lineage of Mary and Joseph  3. Uniqueness in each genealogy 4. Wonderful facts from these genealogies

Legal Son of Joseph Born to Virgin Mary

Value to early adopters of Christian faith In the first decade this was of utmost value Fulfilled many old testament prophecies especially about Messiah coming from Lineage of Abraham and David


To Jewish Christians presenting: Legal Inheritance of Jesus to the   Promise of Abraham   Throne of David Through the lineage of Joseph, father of Jesus

By Matthew

-- omitted 4 Kings in the Lineage -- included women in the genealogy -- arranged in 3 sets of 14 generations group -- Virgin birth as blood line of Jeconiah was cursed

By Luke

To Gentile Christians presenting Jesus as    The Last Adam    The Direct creation of God Through the lineage of Mary, mother of Jesus

-- He was not born in Sin, directly created like Adam -- Deity figure means Gentiles want to know about him -- Genealogy comes at number 76 "The Perfect man" -- Genealogy comes at number 77 when God is includes "The Perfect God" -- Genealogy goes till Adam reminding Genesis 3:15 

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