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A bit of background: In my journey of creating high quality websites i have tried so many web hosting providers and have finally settled with these few companies for various types of wordpress hosting services. The major ranking factors are

  1. content delivery, speed & locations for my website users. Yes that should be top at the end of the day.
  2. underlying infrastructure: litespeed servers, hardware & software capabilities. Optional: their host(i mean cloud servers)
  3. your usability: while majority consider this first but it should be not. Understand that your majority work is in content creation post the initial setup. Their interface(like cpanel or OS) and customer support.
  4. cost: it might come to the top but most providers based on the type of resources have nearly the same price so you will anyways pay plus or minus 10$.

Let me know if i missed anything that you observed differently in your successful web hosting story. Now let’s deep dive!

Best Hosting Service For WordPress

shared web hostingFastcometNamecheapHostinger
managed wordpress hostingWPXFlywheelKinsta
cloud managed hostingFastcometCloudwaysSiteground or Hostinger
summary of best wordpress hosting service to buy (fastcomet is my recommendation)

*continue reading for further comparison of premium companies & their wordpress hosting plans, cost, discounts, reviews and rating.

Type Of Hosting Not To Choose

Technology is evolving: In 2021 we would not consider these types of hosting & why?

  • VPS Hosting: Virtual private servers is where they created many virtual servers on a powerful host/machine. You are allocated specific resources on them but still fight for resources from the parent server. As an example in your pc you install Oracle Virtual box or Hyper-V. These days you can get cloud hosting at nearly the same price which you can scale so bye bye VPS.
  • Pseudo Managed wordpress hosting: it is just like the shared hosting but is tweaked such that you get better experience with the common activities and need to do less management(example: staging tool which is nothing but cloning, backup & restore). Yup that sounds like they are the same & yes they are. Except some genuine companies in the background can be using many cloud or dedicated hosting which makes them worth the penny, but some just use shared hosting infrastructure. So we would look into truly dedicated wordpress hosting instead of this.

Best wordpress hosting

Shared Web hosting

What is shared web hosting? Shared web hosting is a web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server sharing the resources. Each website or customer is separated by file system or permissions and will have limitations on the space, computing and other resources.

Tip for buy: Most of the plans will cost nearly the same. It’s not worth worrying too much in figuring out which one to choose. just start with anyone based on what you find fitting for your knowledge, site idea & future scope. You can migrate anytime easily if your site becomes successful and you get more traffic. If you are a beginner then start with cheap beginner plans & then you can migrate to managed or cloud hosting based on your visitors load. EasyWP is best for business websites who need a single domain & everything is finalized.

cheap wordpress hosting for beginner

EasyWPunique121510022single domain on fast cloud server best for small business site 500K visitsonly 1 domain
Fastcometbeginner15652543350000#1fastest wordpress hosting yet affordable #1
Namecheapbeginner5502011300000#2.1cheapest wordpress hosting for beginners to learnsometimes resources limit gets reached
Godaddybeginner55010.5250000#3popularNot recommended by true bloggers
best, cheap and fastest wordpress hosting services reviews 2021

Managed wordpress hosting

What is Managed wordpress hosting? Managed wordpress hosting is a web hosting where the service providers have customized their hosting infrastructure. The customization is for faster execution, handling big loads and providing easy tools to website owners to manage websites thereby providing premium wordpress hosting service. These providers are well dedicated to provide fastest wordpress hosting. They have a good implementation of caching & the architecture is set up to process sql queries and php code quickly.

WPXdedicated100304035#1100000fastest speed & quality support
Kinstadedicated10020305#2100000premium; costly addons available
dedicated & managed wordpress hosting with price

Cloud hosting and managed server for web hosting

What is Cloud hosting? Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting which uses multiple servers to balance the load and maximize uptime. These are built on top of cloud providers which means low failure rate & distribution of load across nodes. In managed cloud hosting the providers setup custom management tools which lets you quickly deploy solutions. Therefore you do not need to worry about managing the infrastructure and you can focus on scaling your business and you can scale the website quickly and dynamically.

Fastcometmanaged cloud15025160485Linode, SingleHop
Cloudwaysmanaged cloud10015160485Digital ocean, Linode
Sitegroundmanaged cloud1201060485
Hostingermanaged cloud100302008165
A2Hostingmanaged servers1501510002810
Nameheromanaged servers25050200485
Liquidwebmanaged servers2651096010
Bluehostmanaged servers12030500445
Inmotionmanaged servers1501010004166
managed cloud wordpress hosting servers

wordpress hosting plans cost images

Abbreviations: Nodes: max no of files. cost:$ per month. disc: avg discount % most of the time. Space: in GB. Bandwidth: in TB.

Did we miss a good host? or Do you want to get listed ? provide us the details via comments or contact page and we would test the service for a few weeks & then list you in at the appropriate rank.

Answers about WordPress hosting

What is wordpress hosting?

wordpress hosting is a web hosting that provides web content using wordpress cms(content management system). The hosting is optimized for wordpress to handle load and run faster. Security optimization is also performed that suits wordpress software.

Which hosting service is best for wordpress?

There are 3 categories in it. The best wordpress hosting providers are Fastcomet, namecheap, hostinger in shared web hosting. For managed and cloud hosting providers read the article.

Is wordpress hosting free?

Technically yes but practically no. You can get subdomains from hosting providers but there are limitations and getting traffic is practically tough without a custom domain. Without paid plans you cannot add a custom domain.

Does wordpress provide hosting?

Yes wordpress.com provides a free plan but with many limitations. But the software wordpress itself does not include hosting and you would need a hosting service to serve content on the web. There are many cheap wordpress hosting providers to get you quickly started.

How much wordpress hosting cost?

WordPress hosting costs around 10$ in shared web hosting plans and 100$ in the managed wordpress hosting service. Additionally the domain name would be 10$ per year.

what is web hosting?

web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web

What is the difference between wordpress hosting and web hosting?

Technically none both serve web content. wordpress hosting uses wordpress software and infrastructure is optimized or tweaked for its performance. Web hosting is not just limited to web pages but also includes video streaming, images & files hosting.

How to find a wordpress hosting provider?

This information is provided using the dns records but some might be hidden if they use cdn. Anyways you can find using a hosting checker and who is the host.