Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Son of YHWH and existed as eternal word of God before he came into this world in flesh and blood as human. He is part of Godhead in trinity. Today he is sitting at the right hand of the Most High and will call his church to himself at the rapture and then will come back for Israel.

Jesus was born to a virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit in September 2 BC and was legally adopted as son by Joseph, the husband of Mary. His name means “Yahweh is salvation” and his Greek title Christ means “the anointed one”. Angel Gabriel said that his name shall be called as Jesus for “he shall save his people from their sins” and “his God shall give him the throne of his father David and there shall no end for his Kingdom”.

By fulfilling his father’s command to lay down his life for us he has given to us the privilege to become sons of God and he has received Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power – Rev 5:13. The whole bible is all about him: from the Genesis (a seed of woman to free us), to Torah (the prophet will come), to Prophets (he is Messiah), to wisdom literature (he is the wisdom and revelation of God), to Gospels (he has come), to Epistles (his work saves us), to Revelation (he will return and redeem it all for forever).

Major milestones in the Life of Jesus

  1. pre existence: He existed even before the worlds were made & all things were created by him & without him nothing was made. And He was glorious – John 17:24-26
  2. Birth of Jesus: Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea to virgin Mary in year 2BC. A direct creation of God like Adam and Angels.
  3. Jesus Christening: Water Baptism of Jesus was done by John the baptist and God spoke from heaven saying “This is my beloved son in whom I’m well pleased” and Holy Spirit descended upon him and stayed on him.
  4. Ministry of Jesus Christ: The ministry of Jesus was full of Spirit, Power, preaching and works. He was about preaching the good news that the Kingdom of heaven is at hand and everyone should be ready to get into it by believing on him whom God has sent.
  5. Death of Jesus: The death of Jesus Christ was his decision to fulfill the will of the father and the promise that LORD GOD made to Abraham and throughout the scriptures. He died on the cross and shed his blood so that our sins are forgiven and we have reconciliation with the Creator.
  6. Resurrection: Jesus’s resurrection from the dead proved that he was the Son of God and he has the power to overcome death and so shall he snatch us away from the hands of death and bring us back to life with God. He is now sitting at the right hand of God.
  7. Rapture of the Believers: The time will come when he will call us in the heavens, in the twinkling of an eye our bodies will be transformed and we shall meet him up in the clouds beholding his glory.
  8. Second coming for the remnant: Once the abomination of desolation is finished, Christ shall return and destroy the great serpent who has deceived the world, with her children. Jesus will gather those who have kept faith in those tribulation times and are known as the remnant.
  9. Life in new Heaven: Then in the new heavens we shall live with him and our father beholding his glory and he himself shall be light and life unto us all. Amen!

Names of Jesus

  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • Son of Man
  • Son of God
  • Son of David

Gospels of Jesus Christ in the Bible

Biblical gospels provides details about the life, works and teachings of Jesus Christ on the earth. These gospels are inspired by the Holy Spirit to provide various perspectives of his life and to make complete the scriptures by fulfilling the prophecies and completing the word of God. When you read these gospel, make sure to look scriptures from these standpoints also and yet also look through the harmony of these gospels(events arranged in order). A new person would like to know about a great person in this order: what he did(Mark), what he said(Luke and Matthew) and who he was(John). Below table provides various perspectives of how Jesus is mainly presented by these gospels of Matthew Mark Luke John

Gospels Design byMatthewMarkLukeJohn
Jesus presented asMessiahServantSon of manSon of God
Gospel Written toJewsRomansGreeks or GentilesChurch or Believers
What JesusSaidDidFeltWas
First MiracleLeper CleansedDemon ExpelledDemon ExpelledWater to Wine
Ends withResurrectionAscensionPromise of SpiritPromise of Return
Writing StyleGroupedSnapshotsNarrativeMystical
CampingEast JudahWest EphraimSouth ReubenNorth Dan
Lev OfferingTrespass (Sin)Sin offeringPeace offeringBurnt offering
Perspectives of Biblical Gospels about the life of Jesus Christ

Bible Movies of Jesus

Below are the best visual bible movies that directly shows the life of Jesus christ based on the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John respectively. Check full detailed list of all bible movies available in various languages.

Bible Study of the Life of Jesus Christ

The Gospels of the Bible

The gospels of the bible in Harmony with Synopsis & timeline of Jesus life. Unique design of the 4 gospels in the bible with outline summary of the book of Matthew Mark Luke John. This good news bulletin is broadcasted in the 4 gospels and is a blessing to us and fulfillment of God’s will.

Genealogy of Jesus

Genealogy of jesus provides lineage of jesus via joseph and mary. Bloodline, jesus family tree in luke and matthew provides jesus genealogy in the bible all the way from first man adam to patriarch abraham to king david and finally flowing to joseph, the father of jesus and mary, the mother of jesus christ.

Birth of Jesus in the bible The Christmas story

The christmas story of birth of jesus in the bible with verses to where and when was jesus born. Shepherds visit to jesus in manger and wise men magi visit by the star of Bethlehem. Jesus birthday and flee to egypt from Herod wrath.

Jesus Christening

Baptism of jesus christ by john the baptist in jordan river at age 30 with bible scriptures. Mystery of christening with Who baptized christ, where and why. John’s forbad and what was fulfill all righteousness about.

Temptation of Jesus Christ

Jesus tempted in the wilderness during 40 days fasting by the devil. Satan tempts jesus christ with 3 temptations and in every way. Temptation of christ jesus finishes by he overcoming them to receive power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus begins ministry

Jesus turns water to wine in the wedding feast at cana and show his glory. Significance of this first miracle with the first disciples and cleansing of temple by Jesus Christ at the beginning of his ministry. This also reveals the purpose of the life of Jesus Christ.

Into the Kingdom of Heaven

Jesus talking to nicodemus & Woman at the well explains What is to be a born again christian means. Roles of yours, holy spirit & word of god. Changes that happens in Body, Soul, Spirit leading to True Worship.