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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Son of God YHWH. The eternal word of god came in flesh and blood. Biblical Gospels describe his course of life on the earth.

The Gospels of the Bible

The gospels of the bible in Harmony with Synopsis & timeline of Jesus life. Unique design of the 4 gospels in the bible with outline summary of the book of Matthew Mark Luke John. This good news bulletin is broadcasted in the 4 gospels and is a blessing to us and fulfillment of God’s will.

Genealogy of Jesus

Genealogy of jesus provides lineage of jesus via joseph and mary. Bloodline, jesus family tree in luke and matthew provides jesus genealogy in the bible all the way from first man adam to patriarch abraham to king david and finally flowing to joseph, the father of jesus and mary, the mother of jesus christ.

Birth of Jesus in the bible The Christmas story

The christmas story of birth of jesus in the bible with verses to where and when was jesus born. Shepherds visit to jesus in manger and wise men magi visit by the star of Bethlehem. Jesus birthday and flee to egypt from Herod wrath.

Jesus Christening

Baptism of jesus christ by john the baptist in jordan river at age 30 with bible scriptures. Mystery of christening with Who baptized christ, where and why. John’s forbad and what was fulfill all righteousness about.

Temptation of Jesus Christ

Jesus tempted in the wilderness during 40 days fasting by the devil. Satan tempts jesus christ with 3 temptations and in every way. Temptation of christ jesus finishes by he overcoming them to receive power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus begins ministry

Jesus turns water to wine in the wedding feast at cana and show his glory. Significance of this first miracle with the first disciples and cleansing of temple by Jesus Christ at the beginning of his ministry. This also reveals the purpose of the life of Jesus Christ.

John the baptist baptizing jesus

John the Baptist

Story of who was john the baptist in the bible from Birth to baptism ministry and why, who killed the saint to death and beheaded him. His father, mother and life of the wilderness and witness as Elijah.